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How can therapy help me?

Therapy can help you learn life-long coping skills to help you through difficult times, or deal with disappointment. I am educated and trained to help you foster natural coping skills.  You don't need to be facing a mental health issue to seek therapy.  Therapy can help you take steps toward any of your goals, and make your life healthier and happier. 

Over the years, I have helped clients with


  • reducing stress and creating more inner calmness

  • increasing self-esteem to be more confident in the decision they make 

  • minimising their degree of pain allowing them a more positive outlook

  • clearing their mind of its negative thinking and limiting beliefs and make room for positive thoughts and feelings 

  • strengthening their coping strategies to be proactive in the course of their life

  • improving social and community functioning to bring more colour to their life 

How long will I need to participate in therapy before I feel better?

Our research shows most people experience symptom relief after an average of six sessions, and are noticing a positive change in their lives. It is not uncommon for clients to start feeling better after only one session, as they now experience being on their pathway towards greater self-awareness, freedom and empowerment. 


Sessions are typically held once a week, and are 50 to 80 minutes. Therapy can be short term (six sessions) dealing with immediate issues to long term (24 sessions) dealing with longstanding and complex issues. Your pathway will be specific for you and the amount and frequency of sessions will be determined by your circumstances

What can I expect to happen in a therapy session?

We will start our session talking about what you would like support with and what your goals are. I will keep your goals in mind throughout our sessions and gather information to help you see a broader perspective.


During hypnosis, I will guide you through a process of deep relaxation to help you focus and calm your mind. When your mind is deeply relaxed, it is more receptive to absorbing positive suggestions, which will help you make your changes. We may use a biofeedback tool to measure and monitor your state of deep relaxation and progress. 


At the end of your session, we will arrange your next appointment. You will also receive an audio script, which will support you between sessions. These scripts help to consolidate what you have worked on and keep your momentum going. 

May I include someone else in the session?

I only treat people over the age of 18 and all sessions are unaccompanied. Experience has shown having another person present during the session prevents and reduces the effectiveness of individual therapy.

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