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What is the Australian Natural Beauty Guarantee?

Our Australian Natural Beauty Guarantee is a commitment to providing products that embody the principles of natural, sustainable, ethical, and high-quality. It encompasses the use of natural ingredients sourced from Australia, eco-friendly practices, cruelty-free standards, transparency, and a focus on community support. These are our values, just like our ingredients, nothing is hidden.

What is natural skincare?

Natural skincare is a skincare approach that uses plant-based ingredients and avoids synthetic chemicals. It prioritises gentle, eco-friendly, and sustainable ingredients to promote healthy skin while minimising harm to the environment.

What does it mean that your products are 100% vegan? 

It means that our products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients, such as beeswax, lanolin, or collagen. We only use plant-based ingredients in our formulations.

Are your products tested on animals?

No, our products are not tested on animals, and we comply with Australian legislation that prohibits animal testing for cosmetic purposes. We are a cruelty-free brand and believe in ethical and sustainable practices that do not harm animals or the environment.

Are your products safe for sensitive skin?

Yes, our products are formulated with natural and gentle ingredients that are generally safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin (Explore our Pure Tranquillity Calm Skincare Collection). However, if you have a specific allergy or skin condition, we recommend consulting with a dermatologist before trying any new skincare products.

Are your products free from harmful chemicals?

Yes, our products are free from harmful chemicals, parabens, sulphates, phthalates, petrochemicals, artificial colours and artificial fragrances. We only use natural and organic ingredients that are kind to your skin and the environment.

Do your products contain any synthetic fragrances?

No, our products do not contain any synthetic fragrances. We only use natural and organic essential oils and botanical extracts to create our natural scents.

Can I use your products during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

Our products are formulated with natural ingredients and are generally safe for use during pregnancy. However, please note our Vitamin A Serum is not recommended for use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. We recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before using any new skincare products during pregnancy.

Can I use different brands together? 

Yes, you can use different skincare brands together as long as the products are formulated for the same skin type and concern. However, it's important to patch test new products and introduce them gradually to avoid potential irritation or adverse reactions.

Is it necessary to use sunscreen every day?

Yes, it's necessary to use sunscreen every day, even on cloudy or overcast days, to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and reapply every two hours if you are spending extended periods of time outdoors.

What is a patch test?

A patch test is a simple and effective way to determine if you may have an allergic reaction to a particular skincare product. It involves applying a small amount of the product to a small area of skin (usually on the inside of the elbow or wrist) and leaving it on for 24-48 hours to see if any adverse reactions occur.

Why should I patch test a new skincare product?

Patch testing a new skincare product is important to help prevent potential allergic reactions or irritations. It can help identify if a particular ingredient in the product may cause an adverse reaction, allowing you to avoid using the product on larger areas of skin and preventing discomfort and potential allergic reactions.

How do I patch test a new skincare product?

To patch test a new skincare product, apply a small amount of the product to a small area of clean dry skin, usually on the inside of the elbow or wrist. Leave the product on for 24-48 hours and observe the area for any signs of redness, itching, or irritation. If there are no adverse reactions, the product can be safely used on larger areas of skin.

What should I do if I have an adverse reaction during patch testing?

If you experience any adverse reactions during patch testing, such as redness, itching, or irritation, immediately remove the product and wash the affected area with cool water. If the reaction persists or worsens, seek medical attention.

Do I need to patch test all skincare products?

While it's not necessary to patch test every single skincare product, it's recommended to patch test any new products or products containing new ingredients, especially if you have sensitive skin or a history of allergic reactions.

How do I determine my skin type?

There are generally four types of skin: oily, dry, combination, and normal. You can determine your skin type by observing how your skin behaves after cleansing and throughout the day. Oily skin will look shiny and produce excess sebum, while dry skin will feel tight and flaky. Combination skin will have oily areas on the forehead, nose, and chin (the T-zone), and dry or normal skin on the cheeks.

How long does it take to see results from a skincare product?

The time it takes to see results from a skincare product varies depending on the product and the individual. Some products, such as moisturisers, can provide immediate hydration, while others, such as anti-aging serums, may take several weeks or months to show noticeable results. Consistency and patience are key when using skincare products.

Do you offer any discounts or promotions?

Yes, we occasionally offer promotions and discounts on our products. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on our latest deals and offers. 

How do I recycle your packaging?

We're glad to hear you are interested in recycling our packaging! Our packaging is 100% recyclable and made from recycled resources, so please feel free to recycle it in your local recycling program. Our packaging is designed to be reusable, so don't hesitate to explore creative ways to reuse them in your home or workspace. Thank you for your commitment to sustainability and helping us create a better future!

Are your products eco-friendly?

Yes, our products are made with eco-friendly materials, including recyclable packaging and biodegradable ingredients. We believe in minimising our impact on the environment while still delivering high-quality and effective skincare solutions.

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