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Experience daily skincare rejuvenation with our lightweight moisturising lotion suitable for all skin types. The powerful combination of Papaya and Apple Extract in this dual-action moisturiser dissolves dead skin cells while providing deep hydration. This daily moisturiser promotes a clearer complexion, reduces breakouts, and enhances skin radiance.


Indulge in the delightful scents of Lime, Orange, and Bergamot essential oils, leaving your skin feeling not only refreshed and renewed but also invigorated and uplifted.


Suitable for All Skin Types and particularly beneficial for Oily, Blemished and Problematic Skins.




Cruelty-free / Vegan / No Parabens or SLS / Natural Origin / Eco-friendly



Balancing Moisturiser 60ml

  • Papaya: Experience the gentle touch of papaya, providing exfoliation and helping to minimise breakouts for a renewed complexion.


    Apple Extract: Infused with the essence of apples, this mist enhances its natural benefits, offering a unique touch to your skincare routine.