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Unveil radiant and rejuvenated skin with our Radiant Pink Clay Mask, the ultimate addition to your skincare regimen. This trending Pink Clay Mask is a must-have, delivering year-round luminosity for all skin types. Infused with the soothing essence of Coconut Milk, it's your ticket to a pampering spa-like experience at home.


Key Features


  • Achieve a natural, radiant glow that's all the rage right now!
  • Essential for skincare routines seeking unparalleled results
  • Enriched with the calming properties of Coconut Milk
  • Preservative-free, activating instantly with a touch of water
  • Forms a luxuriously silky paste, effortlessly gliding over your skin


Suitable for all Skin Types, particularly beneficial for those with Sensitive, Stressed or Delicate Skin.




Cruelty-free / Vegan / No Parabens or SLS / Natural Origin / Eco-friendly



Radiant Pink Clay Mask 90g

  • Pink Clay: Gently exfoliates and revitalises your complexion.


    Calendula: Soothes and calms, unveiling your skin's natural glow.


    Aloe Vera: Provides deep hydration, leaving skin supple and nourished.